How to reset your WordPress site with full control of its behavior.

How to reset your WordPress site with full control of its behavior.

More often than not, while making a website in WordPress, you will try out and install a host of different themes, plugins, temporary images, posts, and so on. While that might be just fine for an early development and testing phase, it’s unacceptable when you want to start finishing and deploy your site. All that bloat can make your site slow, unresponsive, and generally poorly optimized.

Implementing a sticky menu can be a temporary solution, but ultimately, cleaning all that garbage is inevitable can be tedious and requires a lot of time and patience. Luckily there is a much faster and simpler solution, and that’s where WP Reset comes into play.

WP Reset

WP Reset is one of those tools you just need in your life if you are doing any work with WordPress. This powerful plugin offers you a host of options for resetting your WordPress site back to its original state and removing all the unwanted and unnecessary parts of your project. But there are way more options on offer. WordPress Reset plugin can create automatic snapshots of your project before any significant changes, so you can always go back if something goes wrong. You can also create a snapshot manually when you think you need one. Also, you are able to use a powerful recovery tool that can save your project and even the WP admin page, so you never have to be afraid of messing something up. You can pick and choose what part of your project you want to be removed, or WP Reset can “nuke” everything and bring you back to your beginning state with its Nuclear Reset option if setting up a redirection isn’t an option.

If you are afraid of deleting something by accident, don’t be all destructive actions require a confirmation (reset action even requires double verification) on your end, so nothing gets deleted without your approval.

Are you tired of constantly installing all your favorite plugins one by one? No worries, WP Reset has you covered even there. With its collection tool, you can create a list of plugins and themes that you want to install after a reset or starting a new project, and WP Reset will do that for you in just one click.

You can also use the WP Reset to store your collections and snapshots on cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and pCloud, so you can’t lose them and can access them anytime, anywhere.

WP Resets centralized management system offers you control over all of your licenses, sites, collections, and snapshots from a single location, saving you a ton of time.


All in all, WP Reset is a perfect tool for speeding up your WordPress web page’s development process. Even though WP Reset is an incredibly powerful tool, you don’t need to be a developer or even know any programming to use it efficiently. It’s perfect for beginners as well as for seasoned developers.

Pricing: WP Reset pricing starts with a Personal license at $39/year. The team license is $79/year, and finally, the Agency license will cost you $149/year.

Gwen Gross