What is Edge Computing?

What is Edge Computing?

For mobile app development Dubai, edge computing is changing the way data all around the world is being processed. Due to the tremendous growth of internet connected devices, edge computing has gained incredible momentum that stays growing always. Due to the development and advancement of faster technologies like 5G wireless services, edge computing makes is better and more supportive for real time applications such as Artificial intelligence and Self-service robots to work more accurately and precisely.

Due to a rise in mobile app development Dubai, the use of edge computing is also rising and so here is all you need to know about edge computing and how it works:

1. What really is edge computing?

Primarily edge computing is responsible for bringing computation and data storage closer to the devices that are nearby and where data is being gathered. This is done in order to prevent real time data from suffering through any latency issues that may impact an applications performance. Moreover, this also saves a lot of money for companies running mobile app development Dubai since they have their processing done through local sources which also reduces the burden of large amounts of data that needs processing in a centralized cloud-based location. This technology was developed because of the immense growth in internet connected (IoT) devices. These devices send and receive information and data from the cloud source.

2. How do edge computing services help?

The hardware used for edge computing services helps to solve the data issue by becoming the local source. For instance, an edge gateway will process data from a device with edge computing and then send relevant data back to the cloud. This also reduces bandwidth requirements and sends important data back in time. The devices using edge can include IoT sensors, notebook computers, smartphones, cameras and even smart microwaves. The infrastructure used for mobile app development Dubai is faster and more reliable for different purposes.

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3. Why is edge computing important?

Since the advent of mobile app development Dubai, many companies have discovered that the costs they incurred in bandwidth were relatively higher than the costs for using the cloud. Moreover, the biggest benefit of cloud computing is that it processes data faster and store more amounts which leads to more efficient real time apps that are used widely by companies. Before edge computing was used, even facial recognition features would make use of a cloud-based service which would take up a lot of time to process however with new edge computing algorithms, the model could run locally on the server or gateway which would also increase the power of smartphones.

Many companies involved in edge computing for mobile app development Dubai such as self driving cars, smart technology and more require faster processing methods and responses hence edge computing becomes the solution.

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